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You have what it takes to end human trafficking.

Image by Matas Katinas


The shirt you wear can take a stand alongside survivors of trafficking.


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Running. Real estate. Education. Entrepreneurship. Hair. Tattooing. Music. Social media.


Whatever your thing is: it can be used to fight human trafficking.


You’ve got one last chance in 2022 to fuel aftercare for survivors of human trafficking. Make a fully tax-deductible donation, and those dollars will go directly towards restorative services for survivors who have escaped sex trafficking. Will you take a stand?

You can also donate your time, your platform, and your circle of influence by posting this page on social media and sharing why you are against traffic. 


Thank you for being a part of this world-changing community. Your support will propel us into new area of impact in 2023!


Jan. 9th-13th, 2023



 Barbers Against Traffic:  

When someone is being trafficked, their trafficker often controls every detail of their lives — including how they cut and style their hair. You might not realize it, but expression through hair cuts is an expression of freedom.


Barbers, as instruments of freedom, you’re invited to join us for the first-ever Barbers Against Traffic fundraiser this January! Connect with other passionate abolitionists while learning how your skills cutting and styling hair can make a difference in the fight against sex trafficking.